About DMS


Working with partners Aerva and imagotag, DMS offers customers in North, Central and South America an integrated, versatile, and cost effective cloud-based solution that provides tangible benefit and competitive advantage.


Headquartered in Seattle, DMS supports customers in Canada, Mexico and South America as well as those based in the United States.


We provide the hardware and stage, provision, ship, and support IoT Solutions for any customer, while providing the services and support required to help customers integrate, pilot and roll out their solutions.  We work closely with our OEM parnters and their global System Integrators, to address customers of any size and complexity, that want to take advantage of centralized cloud managment of their network of devices.   


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Mike Waters, CEO
Mike has an eye for pulling together solution components in vertical segments in the Americas.  He was in charge of North and Central America for Opticon, Inc., where he drove business and partner development, operations, and the supply chain for ESL.  Mike knows everyone in the ESL business globally and how to source any BOM.   He is excited to bring forward his relationship with imagotag and Aerva, a natural marriage of cloud, ESL and other devices on the Internet, that he has been advocating since 2011. Working with DMS', forward-thinking product managers, who hold along with Mike, patents for ESL and Big Data, Mike leverages his experience and team to come up with cool ideas. Mike's engineering training makes him  a vital part of the technical team, as well as being CEO.  He is a double engineering graduate of Johns Hopkins University.


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