After spending some years watching the ESL market emerge in Europe and Latin America, without really taking off in North America to the same level, a small band of product and business development managers at an ESL provider decided to take action on what they percieved to be the problem: proper packaging and pricing of the components and specific solutions targeted at integrating the customer with on-line and in-store content.
Mike Waters, CEO
Mike was in charge of North America for Opticon, Inc., where he drove business and partner development, operations, and the supply chain for ESL.  Mike knows everyone in the ESL business globally and knows how to source any BOM or get anything made. Mike holds a patent for ESL technology and is a double engineering graduate of Johns Hopkins University.
Don Davis
Don worked on ESL at Opticon, where he was instrumental in integrating the Aerva Cloud solution. Before that, he worked on emerging technologies at Apple and ran a services team for USWeb/CKS.  Don also has experience in analytics at IBM, and was awarded a patent on big data extraction and visualization in 2014.  Don holds a BA from the University of Washington, and attended several other colleges and universties where he earned an MA and PhD.
Scott McGhee
Scott was the principal engineer with Don and Mike at Opticon,  and was in charge of the development and engineering team that supported ESL.  Scott has multiple talents including running field teams, integrating various software and hardware components, and deploying cloud and ESL solutions. Scott was intergral in the design of the Media Server and integration with Aerva. Scott has an Engineering degree from the University of Washington, and is also a patented inventor of ESL technology.